There is a relatively new Canadian climate change blog/site: Zero Carbon Canada, a project of PowerUp Canada. (h/t Mom for bringing it to my attention!) It’s an initiation of several groups, including The Pembina Institute, Environmental Defence Canada, The Ivey Foundation and others. An interesting group of early supporters includes Thomas Homer-Dixon, Marc Jaccard… and even celebrities! My first public post on this little blog tried to convey three things: 1) The most recent science is confirming that our challenges are immediate and immense. 2) A request that you press your political representatives to take the required action as dictated by that science. 3) A request that you get personal about this – “lather, rinse, repeat” some sort of personal verison of this communication with your friends, family and neighbours. Well, the Zero Carbon is doing all three a heck of a lot better than I ever could (and much more to boot!). There are simple letters to the Canadian political party leaders that you can sign/send from here. And Prof. Andrew Weaver’s essay states the scientific urgency case very eloquently and bluntly. Excerpts:

There are many depressing things about being a climate scientist these days. The emerging data is going from bad to worse and the political leadership is still acting as if we have all the time in the world to deal with global warming… The scientific community has a very solid understanding of what is causing global warming: it is overwhelmingly because of the combustion of fossil fuels. Thus, the primary solution to the problem is as simple as it is daunting: the elimination of fossil fuel use in our economies… Few people outside the scientific and engineering community have yet come to terms with the immensity of that task… The public debate has become a caricature. People complain about windmills blocking their view. Kayakers complain about seeing a transmission line on their weekend excursions. The public dialogue is riddled with outlandish and demonstrably false assertions such as windmills will devastate local bird populations or a hydro project will create more greenhouse emissions than it will displace by eliminating a coal-burning power plant. Some of the most insidious arguments attempt to slow things down: that we should do more planning, that we should do energy conservation first and build renewable energy later, that we shouldn’t do anything until China does… These arguments are fundamentally not serious. They come from groups and spokespeople that have simply not grappled with the math — with the scale and speed at which we must eliminate fossil fuel emissions…

Read the whole thing. And join me over at Zero Carbon Canada. If you are curious why this particular choice of music… it was just serendipity, I guess

Set my compass north, I got winter in my blood… Acadian driftwood, gypsy tail wind. They call my home the land of snow. Canadian cold front movin’ in. What a way to ride, oh, what a way to go.